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Grilledcheesapolooza Music Festival is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop arts and culture in the community while supplying mass quantities of grilled cheese sandwiches. We do this by providing a platform for a collection of talented artists in the musical, performing and visual arts. It is our aim to nurture a healthy atmosphere of cultural interactions primarily through a festival format.

The organization had its humble beginnings in 2010 with a single metal band called Quetzalcoatl performing a backyard show and barbecuing grilled cheeses with friends in Kindersley, Saskatchewan. Ever since this original backyard show, attendees and the number of grilled cheese sandwiches consumed at the Kindersley based festival have been doubling each year. With two stages, over twenty musical acts and a large art exhibition, the festival is now expecting attendance in the thousands. In the coming years, Grilledcheesapolooza will strive to grow and achieve its mission while staying true to the roots and core philosophies that gave birth to the festival...