Let`s get hype.

A lot of time, a lot of thought and a lot of excitement goes into picking our bands. Every year it’s without a doubt, the highlight of assembling the festival. We spend months scrolling through new applications and old, trying to remember all the best shows we’ve attended in the last year and scouring the internet for bandcamps and youtube videos. Throughout this process I get an ecstatic phone call or text every couple days from Kellan,

“Listen to ‘36?’ They are like a two faced indie psych god!!”
Orphan Mothers, Surf Dads, Foam Lake, That would be a slick sunset”
Chron Goblin is perfect!” “boogie infused face punch rock n roll, gawd yes”
Ellen Froese for some girl power!”
“Just confirmed The Dudes. Boom!”

And of course, because what’s better than booking all the best bands you know to throw a giant party for all your friends and future friends!

Kellan spent an incredible amount of time this year meticulously scheduling each artist after hours of listening to compiled playlists of bands from all over Western Canada, trying to create some sort of congruence between our vastly different genres. He says, “I’m stoked on every band on this list. I can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve been working on.” (You should probably listen to the GCP Soundcloud playlist that Kellan put together. It's pretty great.)

I don't think we could ever lose that excitement. It's while compiling the line up that we start to imagine what the upcoming festival might feel like, and where we get to represent what we love about local music. 

 The Basement Paintings at Grilledcheesapolooza 2015

The Basement Paintings at Grilledcheesapolooza 2015

A few of Grilledcheesapolooza’s returning artists have been with the festival from the very beginning, and we’re proud to say, have used the festival to help kick off their music careers. We’d like to thank returning artist, Jim Cates of ‘Sessions 2’, known amongst several GCP attendees as former grade 9 English teacher and guitar teacher, for playing a huge role in encouraging GCP`s first musicians while they were still in highschool.

“When he (Paul Hillacre of Soft Cotton & The Basement Paintings) was in Grade Nine I asked him how much he practised each day, and he said about 6 hours. I was stunned. With Evan ( Evan Knouse of Soft Cotton, Sessions 2 and The Basement Paintings ) I remember jamming in my classroom for these long sessions that were half playing and half talking about music. I'm just really thrilled to be able to do a little music with these guys - they are so very talented.'' - Jim Cates

We love that we're able to invite Jim again to the Grilledcheesapolooza stage, this time to open for his daughter Zoe`s band `Malick`

We also have Mikhaila Anderson of Soft Cottonwho debuted on the Grilledcheesapolooza stage as a very talented and nervous teenager, returning this year as a truly unforgettable and powerful performer.

 Soft Cotton performing at the Capitol Music Club in Saskatoon. 

Soft Cotton performing at the Capitol Music Club in Saskatoon. 

''The first time I played GCP everything felt so big, as it was, and it's interesting to see how Soft Cotton has grown, just as GCP has been getting bigger. Pleased to say this may be our biggest year yet, for all of us!" - Mikhaila Anderson

I just wanted to take a moment to share these stories because they reside at the very core of Grilledcheesapolooza, back to the very beginning of teenagers honing their skills in basements and backyards. Being able to give back to these local talents, while connecting with budding and established artists from all over the region is really what this is all about. 

Shout out to Triple Phat Latte and Highkicks who will also be returning to GCP, And of course, ‘Thunder Face,’ an undeniable local talent, but I’m sure you’ve heard all about them already. We'd also like to high five The Moon Runners who are kicking off a tour at Grilledcheese this year!

And of course, we're incredibly excited for our headliners this year, The Dudes and The Wild! who, to quote one ecstatic GCP fan, "kick fucking ass!" 

 Grilledcheesapolooza extends the warmest of welcomes to all the bands playing this year and many thanks to all who applied. Perhaps one day we'll be able to host you all. We also want to encourage all of our musicians to meet each other, hang out, collaborate, become facebook friends or whatever, and reconnect. This lineup is incredibly talented and we think you could make cool things together.

Stay weird. Grilledcheese loves you. <3

Logan McManus