Grilledcheese Eating Contest

The 2014 GCP5 Grilledcheese eating contest will take place at roughly six o'clock on Saturday August 16th.  Competitors will push the limits of their love for grilledcheeses and fight to consume the most sandwiches in five frenzied minutes.  Due to the quantity of applicants only a chosen few will be selected for the quest.  Selections will be based on past demonstrations of skill, and hilariousness of stage name. Thank you for your application.  Chosen applicants will be contacted by phone the day of the contest.

Name *
Phone *
A creative name that captures and expresses the full extent of your eating abilities.
How many grilled cheeses do you estimate you can eat in 5 minutes on a good day.
Anything else we should know that will convince us that you can become a champion.

The 2 time reigning champion, Brett "Swiss Miss" Smith (Click to enlarge photo) 

The Majestic Bronze Trophy in all its glory. Who will hoist it in the air this year? (Click to enlarge photo)

*By applying, you agree that Grilledcheesapolooza is not responsible for any injury, or stomach aches.