Super-producer, 'Factor' broke into the music scene as a DJ in 1998, drawing early production inspiration from the West Coast underground. His innovative beats are grounded in a lush, organic hip hop structure with alternating rock, folk, pop and soul sensibilities. 

Since joining the Connecticut based 'Fake Four' label in 2008, Factor has helmed full-lengths for the likes of Myka 9, Awol One, Moka Only and Gregory Pepper. Though he has diagrammed his share of filthy breaks and meticulous synths the old-fashioned way, Factor has also called in session musicians and crafted sample-free records, most notably 2011’s melodic & soulful, Factor and the Chandeliers.

Factor’s travels across the continents have seen him share stages and tracks with top tier indie hip-hop artists like Aesop Rock and Buck 65 to Xzibit and Kool Keith. This year at Grilledcheesapolooza, we are honored to have Factor performing an after hours DJ set to close out the first night of the festival.  Word is that he has a few surprises up his sleeve for the festival that you do not want to miss.