Q. Will there be a Grilledcheesapolooza this year?
A. Yes! You can check out our new blog post for more about what’s been going on with the organization, some of our struggles, and our plans for the future. 

Q. Who will be playing at this year’s festival?
A. We are still solidifying the lineup, but rest assured we’re consulting with the all-seeing Cheese Lords (praise the Holy Cheese in all its Gouda Glory) to find some of the most talented artists and performers ever to grace the stage. This will include some fresh faces, as well as a few fan favourites that you’ve been asking for. Stay tuned for updates and artist features! 

Q. What is that date of this year’s festival?                               A. August 12th and 13th, also known as World Elephant Day and International Lefthanders Day, respectively.

Q.  Where is this year's festival going to be held?
A.  We are holding this year's festival in the same place as last year:  The Kindersley Slowpitch Diamonds (On Thompson Drive).


Q. Is there camping available?                                           A. Yes! There is limited tent camping available.

Q. Sounds interesting! Can I volunteer?
A. Yes! Grilledcheesapolooza is a not-for profit organization, and we rely on passionate people like you (We will even throw a couple extras your way as well if you decide to become part of the crew!) You can access the volunteer info and sign-up form here.

Q. I want to play at GCP! Can I still apply?
A. Yes! Apply now, like right now. Heres the link to APPLYIf you aren't accepted for this years fest we keep your contact info on record for years to come.

Q. Why Kindersley?
A. The festival started in a backyard in Kindersley, and we want to keep it in Kindersley. The support we’ve received from the whole community been unbelievable and totally humbling – and every year it continues to get stronger. We want to keep doing this thing for as long as you guys will have us.

Q. Who approved this event?
A. Every year that we have held the event in a public space, all of the proper permissions have been obtained from every relevant party. If you have any concerns regarding the event

Q. What happens with the profits?
A. We are a non-profit organization -- This means that all of the profits obtained by the festival get put back into the community and into making the festival better than ever.