Fuzzed out power rockers *HighKicks* are your new favourite band. Listen to their album and tell us we're wrong. See their rock show and tell us we're crazy. Featuring members of the Dudes, This City Defects, Dojo Workhorse and Axis of Conversation, HighKicks are old pros at keeping it RAD.

Come check them out if you like honest to goodness sing along fuzz rock, or just stay home and watch reruns of Frasier if that's not your thing.  Having played more or less constantly since their debut a couple of months ago, the High Kicks have been steadily building a following around their lively, stripped down live set.  Featuring a scuzzy, saturated bass and a drum kit that stands as a testament to materials engineering, the melodic vocals function as an effective counterpoint to the gutter howl they kick up, at once conjuring up rock and roll's eternal romanticism. Get out Friday night and party to this, or risk a lifetime of regret!