2016 Lineup

August 12th & 13th


2015 Lineup

August 7th & 8th

Kindersley, Sk

Over 100 band applications were reviewed this year based on our key objectives of bringing the finest and most interesting content to our audience while also nurturing and developing less established artists in the region. The 24 bands chosen for the lineup represent a broad cross section of current talent from across the province condensed into one unforgettable weekend. See a detailed time schedule here. Enjoy!

Past Performers


The Basement Paintings 

Tasteful Post-Metal Groove journeys emanating from a basement in Saskatoon since mid-2011, originating from the Kindersley area. Drink it in.



Castle River 

Castle River is a Saskatoon Duo that has been electrifying crowds with their syncopated rhythms, brotherly-like harmonies, and monstrously full sound, since late 2010. The duo is Matt Castle on the guitar, Billy Rivers on the drums, and both trading vocal duties. You can hear the countless hours they've spent honing their craft since they began playing together in bands since they were kids.


Blackwater (Saskatoon)

While it has been said that the cold, dark waters of northern prairie lakes possess powers known only to the medicine men of the past, out of the frozen forests of northern Saskatchewan rolls a band of brothers deeply immersed in the black arts of rock and roll.


Young Benjamins (Saskatoon)

Young Benjamins hail from the sunny streets of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Fronted by 21 year-old Neusha Mofazzali, the group brandish contemporary folk songs with blistering flourishes and math-rock arrangements.


Pandas in Japan (Kindersley, Saskatoon)

A whirlwind ball of sound that makes you shake a bone, moves your hippies and kicks down your door with triumphant gusto. A collaboration of former members from Static Muse, Mordichia and Go Solar! the trio explores the boundaries of the infinite abyss. Tune in, turn on, drop out.


September Long (Saskatoon, Kindersley)

September Long performs their own unique, creative version of jam-rock music influenced from each member’s different musical backgrounds. September Long has created original music strongly connected to melodic guitar riffs and upbeat rhythms.

Soft Cotton (Kindersley)

Mikhaila Anderson leaves audiences with goosebumps thanks her powerful voice.  Performing her own songs with strong pop sensibilities she lays her emotions on the line and connects to all who listen.






The House Band (Brock, Kindersley)

A team of fabulous musicians from Brock get together for laid back, soulful country vibes. Hometown hero, Heather Speir fronts the band and her charisma carries the music.


Small Town Rival 

Thundering 90's power grunge comin' atcha with Kindersley's own Sean Hillacre lighting it up on the drums.   Also featuring the tasty guitar stylings of Kyle Heese.


Slowking (Czech Republic)

The finest oldies since 1330/1210 AM updated their playlist.  They don't shy away from the new stuff that the kids are steppin' to these days either.  Expect good times to be mandatory when these hometown heroes take to the stage.


Two Against One (Kerrobert)

In 2007, after Corey's former drummer/jam buddy/roommate moved away, he found himself alone, yearning for the rhythm and beat to Jam out to, but low and behold his girlfriend, with no experience playing drums, found herself forced to sit and play simple drum beats while Corey strummed and sang to mainly The White Stripes. Dani quickly caught on, and sooner than later found themselves "jamming" on a regular basis!


Bay & Rails (Prince Albert)


Goosebumps will be felt by all when this trio takes the stage.  With one of the most soulful voices in Saskatchewan, Kate Fyrk wows audiences with her fellow bandmates as they perform a bluesy brand of folk.




Kelton (Saskatoon)

Saskatoon's premier one man band.









Flawless tool covers performed by cool cats 'Nuff said.

The Dirty Sauce

All sexy rock, all the time.



The psych-prog-metal visionaries who founded this festival. Praise them. Thank them. Enjoy them. Or risk being eaten by a giant apocalyptic serpent.