-The 7 Elements of the Grilledcheesapolooza Philosophy-


Throughout its planning, organization, and implementation,
Grilledcheesapolooza will remain committed to:

I. Celebrating Art, in all its forms, as a vital, and inherently valuable component of society. GCP maintains a strong belief that the creation and enjoyment of art spurs the appreciation of beauty while promoting examination, rejuvenation and growth at both personal and societal levels.

II. The creation of inspiring, stimulating, and enjoyable memories for all attendees.
All attendees should leave the festival feeling as though something special has taken place.

III. Continual evolution and enhancement of every facet of the event.
As successful as any aspect of the festival becomes, its aim will always be set one step higher towards better quality.

IV. Nurturing a healthy atmosphere of openness and respect for ideas, genres, and people. This allows for the most efficient pursuit of truth, the deepest levels of understanding, and the most progress for all involved.

V. Providing a safe, beautiful, well run environment for attendees.
The attention of the attendee should be on gathering positive experiences, and distracted by as few other circumstances or problems as possible.

VI. Not allowing financial, attendance, or status based goals to eclipse the elements of this philosophy. We believe that the event will reach its full potential by not subordinating its guiding principles to any others.

VII. Showcasing an entire ecosystem of Artists of all varieties, ranging from established and respected to budding and obscure. By maintaining a strong, diverse group of artists and ideas, it will allow all those involved to continue to grow and prosper.